Thursday, February 27, 2020

Being a Leader Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Being a Leader - Essay Example However, overtime Chung did not turn out as Leary expected since he distanced himself from her and fellow workmates, although his work was outstanding at first, Leary became uncomfortable with the way Ted conducted his business; as well, she was uncomfortable with his request. The main cause of the problem in the case is mistrust between Karen Leary and Ted Chung, among other concerns like professional conduct, cultural consideration, individual responsibility, self-interest, integrity, code of ethics and indecision. The primary problems in this case include Ted’s performance conflicting with company demands, language barrier between the industrialist and Karen the manager at Merrill Lynch and Ted’s withering of individual responsibility under demands of the client. Other problems include Ted’s Self-interest that led to greed and selfishness as well as Karen’s indecision regarding Ted’s request. In this case, Causes of the problems include culture at the organization before Karen became manager; Ted’s professional performance sometimes conflicted with the company demands and Self-interest. Other causes include Ted’s change in performance reporting, Chung’s integrity issues and decline of individual responsibility. ... Cultural framework determines human resource practices in many companies especially in recruitment and personnel management, which was the main cause why Leary hired Chung for the position of financial advisor to target Taiwanese investors. Since employee belief regarding obligations to organization or other employees is inherently perceptual and subjective, a person’s interpretation of terms and conditions of obligation may differ, which make employees to develop different comprehension of employer obligations. For instance, according to Elias and Linda (6), when Chung is ordered to stay at the sales assistant desk, he was uncomfortable with the request and maneuvered his way out of the desk. In evaluating Chung, it appears that Leary made perpetual errors in assessing him; for instance, it is clear from the study that Ted’s â€Å"increased displays of ego and temper† worried Leary (Elias and Linda 8). Moreover, even though, she was concerned with Chung’s slow start, with time Chung became a strong producer and Leary acknowledged that the Taiwanese market had the potential to be further developed (Elias and Linda 8). Nevertheless, Leary felt uncomfortable with various aspects of Ted’s performance since she did not know how Chung’s client was involved with the account, and matters were made worse by her inability to access the client because of the language barrier and the client’s close relationship with Ted. Although a year passed since Chung got hired, Leary tried to know Chung better but he often distanced himself from her and other financial consultants in the office (Elias and Linda 1). Within organization setting, individuals seek to fulfil personal goals, while at the same time others within the same

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