Monday, February 10, 2020

Reflection on my Cofacilitation Group Skills Demonstration Essay

Reflection on my Cofacilitation Group Skills Demonstration - Essay Example etings were scheduled and attended by the members and that each member completed their parts on time so that we could merge all the sections before acclimatizing to them to foster further understanding on us. With regard to my facilitation partners, I have to commend them, despite residing in different areas I fond working with them quite cordial as no one missed even a single meeting. They all played their parts thoroughly without being pushed and took the initiative to update the rest of the group about their finding so that we could share a common grounding. I must say I enjoyed doing business with them, it was a flexible group, eager to learn, time conscious, and with unique contributions. Even though every event was successful in the group work, my most well done duty was the actual presentation-how I engaged and controlled the audience within the provided time. My presentation was more of interactive and I think this significantly contributed to the understanding of my facilitation. Though the presentation was good, I had the feeling that I have to improve on time management, it is important that after the facilitation, the audience get time to ask questions and this was not the question with my presentation. Time was well managed but I did not allocate time for questioning and clarifications from the audience. The feedback from peers and the instructor was positive, they all commended my contribution and confessed they did not expect such a well-organized and articulated presentation form me. The instructor went ahead and said that I must have had adequate preparation for the presentation, which was true. I also came to realize that with commitment, hard work, and dedication to duty, everybody could improve on their ability to deliver n anything. My contribution to the group was enormous, having been proposed the leader; I had to ensure that all the prerequisite preparations are done on time. I scheduled meetings, delegated duties to the group members,

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